Low-Altitude Aerial Photography utilizes electronic un-manned aerial vehicles (UAVs) which carry a high mega-pixel camera. We can get shots from just a few feet overhead or up to 400 feet in the air! Highland Mediaworks' robotic aerial photographic system has a minimal environmental impact and operates in near silence. The photos are perfect for golf course photography tours, development tours and close-up architectural details of buildings and homes.

Low-Altitude Aerial Videography utilizes an electronic un-manned aerial vehicle (UAV) carrying an HD video camera. We can get footage from just a few feet overhead or up to 400 feet in the air! Highland Mediaworks robotic aerial videography system has a minimal environmental impact and operates in near silence.

Ground-Based Digital Photography is perfect for luxury hotels and amenities. We have created a proprietary processing system which allows us to capture a broader tonal and color range while giving the viewer the ability to take in the entire space with one photo. HDRpano digital photos are stunning and allow an entire space to be showcased.

Ground-Based Digital Videography is the core of any Highland Mediaworks production. We use the highest resolution digital HD cameras, which produce broadcast quality footage for use in any marketing strategy. You will find that our style is centered on presenting the audience with memorable and exciting interviews that really capture the true emotion of people who really enjoy the product. The audience will identify with the subtle voice inflections, which speak to the soul. We provide digital editing, post-processing and visual effects services for all of the media we produce.

Web Design and Optimization services are available to bring the clients imagination to the online global marketplace. Our New Web Applications will make sure you can have total control over your media on cell phones, tablets or any device. We incorporate our varied media services to produce the most dynamic design in order to ensure that your client's attention is held. We also use the most technically advanced measures to ensure that your site ranks at the top of the search engines.

3D Cartography, Modeling and Animation services are available to take what is only in the early planning stages and produce a 3D virtual representation of the product. We can blend real world video and 3D animation to assist in the process of pre-selling developments or any construction project. 3D Cartography will allow you to show geo-specific land formations where your development or golf course is located. We can animate paths to add high-end, dynamic interactivity to your projects. These 3D golf course models are perfect for yardage books and interactive maps. 3D Projection Mapping is the most cutting edge performance tool. Our company is the only company in Western North Carolina to provide this artform. Music performances, gallery installations or at any confernce performance it will be sure to draw a crowd and create a buzz.


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