HIGHLAND MEDIAWORKS’ 3D SERVICES are the most exclusive products we offer. We specialize in 3D MODELING, which we use to create technical drawings, then add textures & a background to produce a photo-realistic scene.  Using these 3D SERVICES, your product can be placed in any location, preventing you from incurring cost associated with location shooting.  Our 3D ANIMATION SERVICES are incredible for industrial & entertainment uses. Industries are using 3D SERVICES for quality-control training purposes and 3D WEB INTERACTIVITY to create more opportunities for users to interact with the product online.

This interactive web graphic was created to be a user gateway from the Pack Mule website’s main page, to landing pages specific to the product & user need. Each vehicle is a click-able link. The entire scene was rendered from the 3D CAD models.
Here is an example of our 3D Cartography services. The map below is to scale & map elements can be made interactive for any website. 3D Cartography is especially useful for real estate & municipalities.
We also provide 3D Visualization services to create multiple visual angles & representations of your product. We can create animations to add excitement to your brand. Give us your ideas, 3D models, drawings & blueprints & we will bring them to life.